Our McConnel RoboPower with Serrat Forestry Mulching Head makes light work of clearing woodland and overgrown vegetation. Ideal for site clearance and forestry.


We own specialist vehicles and plant including – Unimog U400, Case, Reform and New Holland tractors with flails, Powered access platforms and Tracked Woodchippers.

We specialise in utility arboriculture, highways de-vegetation and commercial landscaping.  

We strive to be at the forefront of the industry with regards to safety, quality and knowledge.

Our Claas Xerion 3800 tractor and Mus Max 8XL Terminator whole tree chipper are available to hire with a skilled driver and operator.

We have an extensive range of large machinary and plant including

Radio controlled McConnel RoboPower

Equipped with a high-performance 140hp and Forestry Mulching Head, ROBOPOWER has the working capabilities of a traditional tractor and its high-grip tracks, low centre of gravity, and high-stability design allow it to work safely on slopes of up to 45 degrees.

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Reform Banks Tractor with flail deck

The reform is a ideal for cutting vegetation on banks, often where other machines cannot operate safely. It has a range of equipment including a side arm flail and a mounted rotary flail deck. The cab is enclosed and the vehicle is chapter 8 sign written for road and highway use.

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New Holland Tractor with McConnel flail

Designed for specialists and professional contractors, the VERSI Flail range was originally created for highway mowing because it allows operators to safely cut both the nearside verge and the central reservation while travelling in the same direction as the traffic. 

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Radio controlled McConnel RoboCut

McConnel’s tracked remote control platform boosts safety by removing operators from steep-sided, dangerous and restricted-access zones. Capable of tackling slopes of 55 degrees, ROBOCUT  is up to 25 times more productive than manual cutting. 

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Claas Xerion 3800 tractor and Mus Max 8XL Terminator whole tree chipper 

A powerful machine producing excellent wood chip quality, and clean, square chips without fine particles. Crane fed large feed width for chipping whole trees.

Power requirement:   130-220 HP
Feed width:   64 cm
Feed height:   60 cm
Chopping output:   up to 90 loose cubic metres/hour

Please contact us to hire this machine with a skilled driver and operator. 

Mercedes Unimog with 10 inch Jenson Front Chipper

fullsizerenderMercedes Unimog with 10 inch Jenson Front Chipper and forwarder trailer. It also has a front 2.3m flail and side arm flail. Full chapter 8 signage and beacons ready for highways.

Power and efficiency on and off road

The Unimog was developed over 50 years ago as an agricultural support vehicle and it remains a stalwart partner for all off-road applications, including farming and forestry.

The key benefit is that the Unimog is a type-approved commercial vehicle for both on and off road operations: and that means it is legally licensed to haul produce, machines and equipment on roads as well as off road.

The Unimog’s legendary off-road capabilities, along with central tyre inflation for extra traction and reduced ground damage, allow the driver/operator to leave the road and cross all types of terrain – with no need for specialist off-road traction units or transferring loads, resulting in, increased productivity and efficiency.

With powerful PTO’s, plus the payload and power to carry a wide range of attachments, the Unimog will drive chippers, spraying and spreading equipment, mowers, hedge cutters – the list is almost endless.

If you think we could assist with your project please email info@gclm.co.uk or call 01530 270166 and we’d be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Arboricultural Services

Highway and Utility Arboriculture

We offer commercial tree services including highway and utility arboriculture across the East and West Midlands. We are an experienced service provider working as a sub-contractor to several main contractors.

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Site Clearance and De-vegetation

Our clearance services are used by property developers, builders, utility construction companies, earthworks, military installations, architects and land owners seeking planning permission to redevelop a site or plot of land.

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Tree and Site Surveying

At GCLM we believe preparation is the key to success with any project. The process begins with a site meeting where we will discuss your requirements and any important planning information relating to the trees and the work site.

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Domestic Tree Surgery

We offer advice and written quotations throughout the Midlands and surrounding counties, we will advise you impartially, address your problems and not make any unnecessary or inappropriate recommendations.

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Commercial Landscape Services

New Build Landscaping

Our team have many years of experience working with a number of this countries award winning developers, from Hard and soft landscaping to fencing, whilst providing a consistent and reliable service.

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Customer Care Landscaping

We understand that Customer Care works are a hugely important area to get right to maintain the reputation of the company. GCLM have the experience to back you in providing the support that your purchasers expect.

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Grounds Maintenance and Grass Cutting

Professionally maintained grounds will improve the first impression your company makes on every visitor. After all, the external appearance of any organisation speaks volumes about the way it operates internally.

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Utility Remedial and Regeneration

We have extensive experience of all forms of utility landscape regeneration, remedial and reinstatement works on a number of projects, from reactive work, to large hard and soft landscaping schemes.

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