Artificial Grass

We are a recommended installer for several major UK Artificial Grass Manufacturers. Artificial grass or Synthetic turf as it’s occasionally known is rapidly becoming the ‘must have’ element in many new gardens.


Whilst a natural turf lawn is undeniably a beautiful feature; the amount of work and care that it takes to maintain can prove to be incompatible to modern family life. Artificial grass has many benefits especially if you have a busy life or energetic children and dogs to consider. Once correctly laid artificial grass is –

  • Hardwearing
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Green all year round
  • Pet friendly
  • Ideal for shady areas or under play equipment
  • Soft underfoot 



It can be laid directly on top of concrete, on roof gardens or with an impact absorbing underlay to give a safety surface beneath climbing frames.

Visually there are a wide range of ‘finishes’ and colour options to choose from, whether you like your lawn to look long and lush, like a close cropped putting green or even brightly coloured there is an artificial turf that will work for you.

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